Don’t just make Transactions. 
Make Relationships.

Build a Brand That Matters.

At Cerebro Communications our goal is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and existing businesses “Build a Brand that Matters”.

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Build A Brand That Matters,

our self-paced online brand development course, is for business owners that recognize that...

Being just like everybody else
is the quickest way to fail.

It’s also for savvy business-people that know that if their business is no different than their competitors, customers have no reason to give them their hard-earned money.

Cerebro Communications starts from the foundation that providing a competitive product or service that meets the consumer’s basic requirements is “table stakes”. You can’t be in the game without it.

But in today’s hypercompetitive business environment, with incredibly sophisticated consumers…

That alone
just isn't enough.


Our belief is that you “Build a Brand That Matters”, and a successful thriving business, through Differentiation and creating Deeper Connections with consumers.

We call our methodology HUman marketing.

Our approach is based on the fundamental belief that…

Anybody can copy What You Make. 

But They Can't copy Who You Are.

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To Build A Brand That Matters!
As an entrepreneur, start-up, non-profit, or stable business, your focus is on your success.

At Cerebro Communications, we believe that success comes from making Human Connections.

Our Program

Comprehensive Self-Paced online brand development process that helps entrepreneurs translate their Values & Beliefs into Authentic Brands that Connect with consumers on an Emotional Level.

  • Complete the program at your own pace.
  • Get support from our world-class instructors LIVE in our Weekly Office Hours.

We help businesses clarify…

checkmarkWho they are

checkmarkWhat they stand for

checkmarkWhat they represent they can Attract and Retain Customers that Value what they Offer (their Product or Service).

But more importantly, Value Who They Are, What They Stand For, and What They Represent (their Brand Identity).

Our proven process walks you through the complete brand-building process from A-to-Z.

We take the best of academic theory and psychological research, and mix it with real-world experience, to create a unique approach that focuses on creating Authentic Connections with consumers.
our proprietary process

walks you step-by-step through:

  1. Creating a Log Line---a one line statement that explains your business & your brand;
  2. Determining your “Why” by creating clarity of purpose for your business;
  3. Defining your Values and Principles, and incorporating them into your brand;
  4. Developing your Mission Statement, Brand Vision, and Just Cause;
  5. Creating a compelling Brand Story;
  6. Developing a powerful Brand Pitch and Tagline;
  7. Creating an in-depth Competitive Analysis;
  8. Determining your Brand Positioning;
  9. Defining your Target Market, down to the specific consumer segments that are most likely to benefit from your product or service, and identify with your brand;
  10. Determining your Brand Archetype, including your Brand Voice, Key Drivers, Fears, High-level Strategy, Color Palette, and Recognizable brands with the same Brand Archetype. 
Regardless of if you come to us believing that you have everything you need, or if you don’t have anything, and have never thought about your brand, differentiation, or authentic relationships, our

Human Marketing brand development methodology

walks you through the complete brand building process from A-to-Z.
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added value:

Monthly “Ask an Expert - Business & Beyond” Virtual Conference
($3,600 Annual Value)

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how challenging it is to build a business. That’s why we’ve decided to provide a wide range of support tools and resources to help our entrepreneurs cope with the multitude of challenges that they face on a daily basis.

Every month we bring in an expert from a different field to provide professional insights on things important to our community of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I’m talking about people like:

  • Business & Personal Finance experts
  • Planning & Organization experts
  • Stress Reduction Therapists
  • Investing & Crypto Currency consultants
  • Nutritionists
  • Starting a Business with Kids session
  • Mindfulness professionals
  • Market Research experts
  • Marketing Plan Development experts
  • Product Development experts
  • Segmentation professionals
  • Brand Strategy experts
  • Brand Archetype & Brand Architecture experts
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Let us know what would help you…

Virtual BBTM Community Happy Hours

Recognizing that being an entrepreneur or running a business can be a lonely endeavor, we also host Virtual BBTM Community Happy Hours. 

These are opportunities for our community of entrepreneurs to let their hair down, connect with like-minded business leaders, share best practices, encourage one another, and most importantly, 

These are just a few of the resources that we’ll make available to you FREE of CHARGE as a member of our

“Build a Brand That Matters” community.

We don’t just want to help you build a

Successful Business.

We want to help you build a

Successful Life.

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program details


  • 8 - 12 weeks typically (self-paced)


  • Self-Paced Independent Study


  • FREE Live Weekly Office Hours including Q & A session

Program Elements

  • Step-by-Step walk-through of our proprietary 10-exercise brand building process ($5,000 Value)
  • Unlimited Access to Course Content on current platform
  • Live Weekly Office Hours and Q & A Session
  • Complimentary Brand Identity Package / “Brand Bible” upon program completion ($600 Value)
  • Discount on all Cerebro Communications agency services, including 1-on-1 Consulting, Copywriting (website, blog posts, emails, social media posts), and Content Templates
  • Monthly “Ask an Expert - Business & Beyond” Virtual Conference ($3,600 Annual Value)
  • Virtual BBTM Community Happy Hours

$9,200 Value
For Only: $2,199

That’s A Savings of Over $7,000
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After completing the program you’ll receive an official

“HUMAN MARKETING” certification in Branding

Brands with purpose grow, companies with purpose last, and people with purpose thrive.

Alan Jope – CEO, Unilever

In addition to the extensive academic research that prove it, it’s common sense, that when you Connect with consumers on an Emotional Level, create Human Connections, and develop Authentic Relationships, your “Tribe” will:

  • Trust your brand based on its demonstrated Values and Principles
  • Love your brand and what it represents
  • Recognize your brand as different and special
  • Prefer your brand over all your competitors
  • Be more Loyal to your brand AND make Repeat Purchases
  • Promote your brand and become your most valuable Advocates
  • Be willing to pay a premium because they personally identify with your brand

And that’s the place you want to be!

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To Build A Brand That Matters!
the hard truth

Your business may only have one chance to make it.

don’t waste it!

Most of us may only come up with one great idea in a lifetime. Some of the best business ideas never get started. And a large percentage of the businesses that start fail within a few years.

They didn’t fail because they didn’t have
a Great Idea.

They failed because they didn’t have

Based on where you are right now…

We know that you’ve got the knowledge and experience to be successful.

But do you have the ability to connect with consumers in a compelling way that makes them…

  • Intentionally choose you before anyone else?
  • Loyal to your brand?
  • Passionate about your brand?
  • Want to tell everyone they know about your brand?
  • Repeatedly buy from your brand?
  • Willing to pay a premium for your brand?

If not, we can help.

you may be thinking…
“I don’t need to do those things to be successful, I’m doing OK as it is.”
our reply is…

Don’t be OK, just being “OK”.

You are Meant for More. You know it.
And We know it.

Your business may be the greatest idea you ever have in your lifetime.

Give it the opportunity to live to its full potential.

If what we Believe and Value sounds right for your brand, Join our Community.

Our relationship can start today.
We believe in you. Believe in us.

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