our story

After graduating from business school and working in corporate America for multiple Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s biggest global brands, I left to start a marketing & communications agency called Cerebro Communications. My goal was to help entrepreneurs effectively tell their story.  

During that time I recognized that there were a lot of incredibly talented entrepreneurs that were experts in their given field, but had no idea how to COMMUNICATE with consumers. Even more important, they had no idea of how to CONNECT with consumers.

Through my experience in corporate America, and my experience developing communications for entrepreneurs at Cerebro Communications, I found that businesses of all sizes knew "What" they did, and "How" they did it, but very few knew “WHY”.

That's when the idea for 
"Build a Brand That Matters"
was born.

The mindset of many “traditional” businesses is to focus exclusively on making transactions instead of relationships, and to believe that consumer’s ECONOMIC VALUE is more important than their HUMAN VALUE.

I wanted to help develop a community of companies that think differently, act differently, and operate differently.

People are yearning for

human connections  AND  authentic relationships

now more than ever.

we believe
Success comes from Differentiation
and making
Human Connections
Anybody can copy
What You Make
but they can't copy
Who You Are

We’ve combined our corporate marketing and branding experience, with our desire to help entrepreneurs translate their beliefs into Authentic Brands that connect with consumers on an Emotional Level.

The end result is our Human Marketing methodology, and the Build a Brand That Matters 

corporate brand development course.

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