The Power of Relationships Test…

Jan 02, 2022

Focusing on Relationships, Values & HUMAN CONNECTIONS makes good business sense. 

Don’t believe me?  Then take this short test.

Do you prefer companies that:

  • Operate with a clear Sense of Purpose
  • That Share your Values & Principles 
  • That Pursue a Mission you agree with
  • Share a similar Vision
  • That You Personally Identify With


Would you be more likely to:

  • Buy something from that company
  • Make repeated purchases from that company
  • Pay a premium in support of that company
  • Tell your friends & family about that company

If you are like the vast majority of people,
anywhere in the world, you answered “Yes” to most, if not all of these questions

If you can get consumers to answer YES to these questions specifically about your brand, you’ve created a virtually inseverable bond with your customers that no competitor can break.  



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